Our Vision

The Mindmill Vision

"Driving organisational change through talent optimisation."

Employee Data is now at an all-time high, stored on multiple systems and technologies

This presents huge opportunities, however creates new problems for the HR world to deal with. How can we make use of this HR information to help drive, innovate and manage the business more effectively and with better impact?

  Shared Vision
HR enables recruitment, retention and succession of talent within an organisation, empowering business leaders to envisage the future clearly, through constructive dialogue and relevant information. “Begin with the end in mind”.
  Introduce HR process mapping
The integration and alignment of roles, competencies, performance analysis, road mapping and cultural values with current HR data, drives employee engagement and delivers business advantage.
  Embrace HR Technlogy and Process
Design the Human Capital process to include innovative, data centric HR technology with metrics at the core. It is becoming clearer that interaction and inclusion of all HR information is a vital part of future operational excellence. Effective engineering within HR happens when your solution addresses and integrates with People, Process and Technology.

MindMill offers HR the ability to control, manipulate and measure the entire employee lifecycle, its effect on the organisation and how future decisions can be predictive and made with certainty. This approach works effectively across HR and applies to business partnering, centres of expertise and shared services. By consistently applying these steps you will dramatically reduce the risk of wasted time, money and effort on misaligned HR services.
A seamless, automated and easy way to optimise your talent process.

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